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Who we are?

The mission of the group of professionals with experience in the fields of tourism and event management, who founded our company in 1998 is to relieve our clients and partners of the burden of organizing an event with the help of creative ideas, thorough planning and accurate execution and to present them with the experience of a successful event.

Our main activities include organizing conferences and congresses, business and private events, travels in Hungary as well as planning and executing various types of programmes. In addition to event planning, our creative team takes care of all the services related to organizing an event or travel.


Our strenghts

  • reliability
  • commitment to quality
  • references
  • personal business relations
  • promoting the business interests of our clients
  • all-inclusive event planning
  • many years of professional experience
  • operative values
  • creative event planning and venue selection
  • accuracy in work
  • focus on price/value ratio
  • flexible operation
  • openness


How  we organize?

In the course of our many years of operation we have established the standards which are important in the case of organizing any type of event and which we always inform our clients about.

  • achieving the objective set by our clients
  • the unique type and atmosphere of the event
  • the prestige value of the venue
  • the standard of the event
  • the adequate number of guests
  • the satisfaction of our clients and their guests
  • good value services
  • delicious and spectacular cuisine
  • professional personnel
  • state-of-the-art technical solutions
  • event communications
  • additional programs


H-1016 Budapest, Hegyalja út 18. | Tel: 36-1-209-0380 | Fax:36-1-209-9334 | Skype:connections2000 |