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  • „Közös gondolkodás és cselekvés egyenlő a közös sikerrel: MRAE XV....

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  • A Magyar Onkológusok Társasága Szakdolgozói Szekciója második...

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  • "Nagyon jó volt a Connections2000 Kft. csapatával közösen dolgozni. A...

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  • Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel

    Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel

    Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, at the gateway of Kiskunság National Park, in the southern part of Pest county, 65 kms from Budapest. 

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  • Rókusfalvy Birtok

    Rókusfalvy Birtok

    We have a covered terrace, the sidewalls of which can be adapted to different weather conditions. The building’s heated interior, meanwhile, makes it an excellent year-round wedding destination, as well as a great venue for team-building retreats or corporate events. The estate’s rustic but elegant press house, surrounded by a stunning rural landscape, make it the perfect place for gatherings of family and friends—festive meals, pig slaughters, and wine tastings of course

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  • Biczó Csárda

    Biczó Csárda

    The Biczó Csárda is located in the wonderful surroundings of  the Kiskunsági National Park, only 30 kilometers from Kecskemét, at the 32 nd mile post of the 52 highway. 

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