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  • „Közös gondolkodás és cselekvés egyenlő a közös sikerrel: MRAE XV....

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  • A Magyar Onkológusok Társasága Szakdolgozói Szekciója második...

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  • "Nagyon jó volt a Connections2000 Kft. csapatával közösen dolgozni. A...

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  • Európa Rendezvényhajó

    Európa Rendezvényhajó

    Európa Boat is not only the largest and most well-equipped event boat of Hungary, but she is also unique in Central Europe with her unique technical and catering facilities, conference rooms, dressing rooms, smoking area, 330 m2 sun terrace. 

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  • Tropicarium


    Tropicarium has an unique venue. We are able to host maximum up to 80-120 people. It has its own entrance, the conference hall is 230 m2 with a 50 m2 gallery.


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  • Széchenyi Kertvendéglő

    Széchenyi Kertvendéglő

    The Széchenyi Garden Restaurant located in the heart of Budapest, next to the Széchenyi Baths reputable building, and although close to the city center, but thanks to wonderful panoramic view, it is still far from the schematic downtown basement and the old tenements restaurants. 


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  • Vasúttörténeti Park

    Vasúttörténeti Park

    The Hungarian Railway Museum is a unique and extravagant venue suitable for corporate events, receptions, gala dinners, pop, rock and classical concerts, conferences, training, product shows, family days and other get-togethers. 

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  • Lázár Lovaspark

    Lázár Lovaspark

    Situated 35 km from Budapest, in the heart of Domonyvölgy, the Lázár Equestrian Park is owned by the coach driving world champions, Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár. 

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  • Szent Orbán Erdei Hotel

    Szent Orbán Erdei Hotel

    Offering an outdoor pool and an indoor pool, Szent Orbán Erdei Wellness Hotel is located in Kóspallag in the Danube-Ipoly National Park, 22 km from the Danube bend. 

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  • Hotel Visegrád

    Hotel Visegrád

    The new, 150 m2 room in the new building gives place to a theatre-like hall suitable for 140 people. 

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  • Nádas Pihenőpark

    Nádas Pihenőpark

    Our inn is situated among beautifully landscaped surroundings between Monor and Vasad, 35 km far from Budapest. 

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